SaaS SEO for Founders and Marketers: Get your 1st Customer from Google

Tejas Rane
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If you are an owner of a SaaS business, or a SaaS Marketer looking to drive organic growth for your company, this SEO guide is for you.

Getting organic traffic that converts into paying customers is the real deal. It's difficult. It's not a magic pill where you write 10+ SEO-optimized blog posts and you get customers the next day.

It takes time, patience, skillset, and moreover a comprehensive SEO strategy that will drive organic growth.

If you are not starting SEO from Day #1, you are losing out on tons of opportunities.


Problems Faced by Most Founders and Marketers:

❌ They start SEO too late and let loose on a lot of opportunities.

❌ Analysis-Paralysis: They analyze too much & don't know where to focus in SEO.

❌ SEO is not everyone's piece of cake. It requires a plethora of skillset.

❌ You get organic traffic but it doesn't convert (A major problem faced by many)

⚡ Solution? This very guide on SaaS SEO 🔥

In this SaaS SEO guide, you will not only understand the basic foundations of SEO but will also get to know how you should take a strategic approach with your SaaS SEO.

Eventually, this guide will help you kickstart your organic growth and set your product's SEO growth for the long term.

Which means passive traffic that gets you paying customers.

⌛️ In brief (TL;DR)

This complete guide on SaaS SEO will help you:

✅ Kickstart Your Organic Growth

✅ Get Quality Organic traffic that Compounds Over Time

✅ Convert organic traffic into paying customers (Most Important)

✅ Get Brand Visibility on Google 

🎯 Here's What's You Get:

  • 6+ Chapters from Basic to Advanced SEO strategies specifically designed for SaaS Businesses
  • Lifetime Access to Notion Database, Spreadsheets & Other Templates (Absolutely Free)
  • Email Support (to help you with any query from the book)

📗 Chapter Breakdown:

🤷‍♂️ Why learn from me?

I am in the SEO Industry for the past 4 years. Through rigorous learning, experimentation, trial, and error, I have got a knack for SEO.

I am passionate about SaaS Marketing, No-code & Side Projects. Currently, I have worked with Donorbox (Top Fundraising Platform for Nonprofits) as an SEO Growth Lead & helped them scale traffic.

You can find all my tweets on SEO here.

Happy Reviews and Testimonials:

Alex West (Founder of Cyberleads):

Porush (Business Analyst & Marketer):

Harish Garg (Founder of MynaOne & FortyTwoAI):

Konstantinos Gkotzos (Head of Product at Gathr):

Karan Parwani (CMO at Buzet India):

📈 Pricing

There are 2 versions of the eBook.

Version 1 ($24):- Includes the SaaS SEO Guide, Free Outreach Templates, Notion Database.

Version 2 ($29) (Recommended):- Includes SaaS SEO Guide + Premium Add-ons (Self SEO Audit Cheatsheet, Rank Tracking Sheet, Guest Post Database (1077+ Sites)


1. What's different in this book that I can't find elsewhere?

Great question. In this ebook, you will find how to build your organic growth strategy from scratch & most importantly, how to convert your SEO traffic into paying customers.

Most SaaS businesses struggle to get or convert traffic. This guide will help you not only acquire organic traffic but also convert it.

2. Do I require prior SEO knowledge?

No. The 1st chapter of this ebook will be about understanding SEO's most important factors and how Google interprets search results. This will be enough for you to get started.

3. What if I am not ready to invest my money in SEO right now?

This question is very relevant for all the bootstrappers out there. I have shared many SEO tools that are quite affordable and you can get started with them. 

The best part about SEO is if your content is in-depth and value-driven, nearly half of your job is done. So to answer your query, it's absolutely okay if you are not ready. SEO is more about content and less about the tools.

4. Is there any money-back guarantee?

Yes, you can get a full refund within 7 days of purchase if you don't find value in it. But I am pretty sure it will be more than your expectations :)

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SaaS SEO for Founders and Marketers: Get your 1st Customer from Google

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